What a Waste

Alright so I bought a cheap new phone online and it won’t charge at all after I recieved it. I haven’t dropped it or spilled anything on it at all. I had a friend from Leeds escorts swing by to check it out but he was not able to fix it either. It just confuses me because the phone is not refurbished so there is no reason for the charging port to be broken if that is the issue. I know it’s not the charger itself because I have tried three or four other charges on it and still no response from the phone. I guess the smartest thing to do is call the company back up tomorrow to get a refund or a new phone. I feel like using a completely different company now because of this. I really needed this phone to be on today for personal reasons and it looks like it won’t be happening.

They Supported The Troops

My whole life I’ve wanted to be in the military, and now I’m a major in the United States Army. Unfortunately, I’ve also been a lesbian my whole life. For awhile, those two things didn’t go together very well. I had to be very discreet with my romantic life. I never had a full-time girlfriend because it was too risky, but whenever I got too lonely I would visit escorts in Nottingham. They have some beautiful girls there who understood my situation. I loved that we could go out to dinner, talk, and even cuddle, like a real date. I’m going to try to find an actual girlfriend now that the laws have changed, but I’ll always feel fond towards the girls who helped me when I needed assistance. Who knows, I might even pop in to see them from time to time.

When Is The Right Time?

I have been with my male partner for over 7 years and work with the Nottingham escorts. We have a truly amazing relationship for the most part and I could not ask for anything else. Recently he proposed to me and I did accept but I do have some guilt that I need to confess to him on my part. The only secret that I have kept from him is that he thinks that I work at a classy bar in the Downtown area. I can not find the heart or the right time to tell him.

When I do, I know that the questions are going to be endless and it is my fault for not telling him sooner. I do know that when the time comes that I am going to have to be truthful about the 100 clients that I please regularly. I love my job and what I do and I really hope that he will be understanding!

A Night at the Drive-in

My best friend and I decided to go to a drive in theater for the first time last night and I have to say it was the time of my life. It made me feel like I was honestly living back in 70′s, it was a truly amazing feeling. The funniest part of the night was when a drunk teenager came up to my friend and asked her if she would wanna fuck him after the movie. The poor kid walked off with his head hung low after both of us basically laughed him off. Other than the little mishap with the boy, the night went entirely perfect for us. We even went out for a quick bite to eat after the movie and before heading home. I think next time if we go, we will probably bring our own food, because the food there is horribly expensive.

Weekend Summer Ventures

I am so glad that summer is almost here because it is time for me and my fuck buddy to hit the water. During the winter months, I hate being stuck in the small cramped up apartment with not much to do. He has a boat that has a cabin to sleep in, a small fridge, stove, sink and a table to sit at and eat.

When we go out for our weekend ventures, I will do all the shopping to make sure we have enough food and drinks. We will be headed out in a couple of weeks and we are docking at a resort for the weekend, I cannot wait.

I went out and bought a new bathing suit and new beach chairs for us to sit at the beach and enjoy some sun. I have never complained about spending the money for us to go because he makes the boat payment, pays the insurance and foots the charges for high gas prices.